Working with Data Tools to make our platform more integrated, and easier to use.

Watson Data Platform services need to work together well, but they’re not going to work together well for everyone. We use these services every day. That’s why, as developer advocates, we make tools and libraries to help others who run into similar problems, so they can be more productive from day one.

Back up your data, without breaking your back.

Just dump it to a text file. Do what you like from there.

Nodejs, npm, CouchDB, and Cloudant

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Moving data doesn’t have to suck.

Read data from a text file, transform it, and write JSON to CouchDB, Cloudant, and ElasticSearch.

Nodejs, npm, CouchDB, Cloudant, and ElasticSearch

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Sync your search index in a snap.

Continuously synchronize the index of a Simple-Search-Service instance with the content of a CouchDB/Cloudant database.

CouchDB, Cloudant, and Nodejs

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Load those CSVs as JSON documents.

A simple CouchDB data importer app that also shows how to bundle a web app for native distribution with Electron.

CouchDB, Electron, and Nodejs

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Hook into RabbitMQ.

A guestbook app that shows how to use webhooks with RabbitMQ and CouchDB.

CouchDB, Compose, Nodejs, PHP, and RabbitMQ

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Browse your Object Store from the web.

A Python Flask web app for serving files from IBM Object Storage.

Object Storeage and Python

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A quick tour of (some of) our database services.

Companion repository for the “Seven Databases in Seven Days” blog series.

Cloudant, Compose, Etcd, Tinkerpop, MongoDB, Postgres, Redis, and RethinkDB

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Curated data, open and free for you to use.

Open data sets hosted by the WDP dev advocates.

data set

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Add some T to your ETL for CouchDB.

Utility that loads documents from one CouchDB database, transforms them, and inserts them into another database.

Cloudant, CouchDB, and Nodejs

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JavaScript all the way down.

Official Cloudant-Node.js client library.

Cloudant and Nodejs

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Get real-time, with changefeeds in RethinkDB.

Realtime Q&A app using RethinkDB and changefeeds.

Compose, Nodejs, RethinkDB, and Vuejs

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